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Imani R

PMS Pain

Product used Lady blend Elixir

Yooo Danny the man….. So my menstrual just keeps changing, getting shorter and shorter and lighter, still somewhat heavy but not like before and not as much clotting, that's decreased a lot. I had cramps up until I got this new batch…. Just letting you know it's really working …. Thank you very much

Imani R

Looking better feeling better

Deer Velvet & Golden Age

You’re a good man Danny, you do great work my brother. I’ve lost weight, I look better and my pain is way less trust me. I’ve had four major surgeries in four of my limbs. And I look younger. I love that. Thank you for that.


Overall Wellbeing

14 Elders

I don't say this often because I don't believe it about anyone's products really but mine and maybe two others but YOUR MAGIC JUICE can really change lives bro and heal our people. It’s crazy to me … it's JUICE. But I feel better than I have in more than a year and that’s real talk.




I literally start my day with it every morning. I’m loving it. Feelings more focused and calm for sure. I’m on spring break at the moment but I can’t wait for classes to resume to see how the information sits with me. My digestive tract has been hella healthy too, I feel it with each bowel movement! Sleep has been off the charts amazing too not to mention. I rest so well now. My body feels strong and well-rested.


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