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We need to drink far more than we need eat.

Fluids are the easiest way for our body's to assimilate nutrients.

Make every sip count with as many nutrients as possible.

Antioxidants – WTF Are They?

If you ever wondered WTF a free radical is, worry no longer.

Free radicals are electrically unstable molecules that cause major damage to our cells and organs. These irregular molecules react violently inside cells and causes them to age, deform, and die far faster than they should.

An antioxidant is a molecule that is able to balance the unstable free radical molecules by sharing an electron. Antioxidants are produced naturally in the body with adequate immunity and nutrition but are very abundant in many fresh fruit and vegetable. .

Free radicals are linked with almost every terminal illness and can be found in food and drinks that are heavily processed, preserves, treated, and stored inside plastic containers for long periods of time..

Our cells are constantly working to keep our body healthy and in motion. An average american person’s cells are under harsh conditions of diet high in processed foods, stress, inadequate sleep and inadequate hydration. It is important that we ingest foods that have and help our body produce adequate antioxidants to sufficiently combat the free radicals in our body.

The chemical reaction of free radicals in our body is very similar to oxidation or corrosion on metals. Free radicals virtually rust your cells and often cause them to die or not function properly. When cells are not functioning properly they start producing less energy. Only after a decline in cell function do we start to see ailments and symptoms of disease.

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