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Hammer Time

January 22, 2020

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We need to drink far more than we need eat.

Fluids are the easiest way for our body's to assimilate nutrients.

Make every sip count with as many nutrients as possible.

Hammer Time

MC Hammer had and lost over 30,000,000 dollars. He certainly did not consider the possibility that one day he’d be broke.   
People have the MC Hammer mindset when it comes to our most valuable commodity, time. There is nothing more valuable than time, but yet we lose track of it everyday.
The old “saying time flies when you’re  having fun” describes how 30 minutes watching our favorite show feels much faster than 30 minutes of intense work out. 

The average life spans for Americans is between 72 and 86 years old. That less than  30,000 days of life.
Average 82 years x 365 days = 29, 930 days of life
Average 29,930 days  x 24 hours = about 720,000 hours of life (240,000 of those will be sleeping)
Average 720,000 hours x 60 minutes = about 43,000,000 minutes in life.  (14,400,000 sleeping)
Subtract the minutes sleeping and…
An average healthy American has about 30,000,000 minutes awake to spend living before you kick the bucket.
30,000,000 minutes can go by with nothing to show for it just like 30,000,000 dollars can; the only difference is you cannot earn more minutes.

Don’t MC hammer your time. 

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