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Why Elixirs

July 20, 2020

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We need to drink far more than we need eat.

Fluids are the easiest way for our body's to assimilate nutrients.

Make every sip count with as many nutrients as possible.

Why Elixirs

There is a glaring problem of malnutrition and excessive stress in the United States.

Supplementation is a great way to receive much needed essential nutrients into your daily life. However, there is a great need to improve consumer compliance within the supplement market.

We know supplementation is critical for the majority of Americans to sustain optimal health but the conventional methods are showing a huge flaw, COMPLIANCE! Pills & capsules are just not for many of us and the habit of taking them daily is often short lived. The process of swallowing pills is unnatural and usually ends with a supplement in the medicine cabinet or cupboard collecting dust; out of site out of mind.

More than 90% of chronic health conditions are directly tied to our stress, diet, environment and habits.

Drinking Elixir every day may significantly impact our stress levels, immune system and nutrient deficiencies simultaneously with one great tasting health shot!

Every Elixir has:


  1. Adaptogen Herbs for Stress relief, hormonal benefits and immunity boosting, 
  2. Loose hibiscus, blueberry, cranberry and rosehip tea for blood pressure and heart health.
  3. Lemon Juice for digestion and vitamin C
  4. Liquid multivitamin for vitamin and mineral deficiencies 


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