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16oz fatigue fighter Elixir 1 week Sample bottles (Limited time)

Back while supplies last we have our sample bottles of our renown MOVERs Elixir. This size bottle is designed to allow people to experience...

1oz 14 Elders (Medicinal mushroom)

14 of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms come together to super charge the immune system to fight infections and dismantle abnormal growths. All of...

1oz Breathe Tonic

Formulated to help improve the function of the respiratory system and aid in Lung issues like asthma, COPD, upper respiratory infection, chronic breathing issues...
New Arrivals Tonics

1oz Chocolate Gold Tonic

Our premier blend of Chaga, Goji & Astragalus serves as a well-balanced combination of herbs for gut health, brain health and immunity. This is...
1oz Tonic

1oz Golden Age Tonic

Stress relief & improved organ function is ideal to stay resilient and maintain a long life of good health. Empower your inner terrain with...
New Arrivals Tonics
1oz Tonic

1oz Lucidity

Made for mental clarity, focus, problem solving and overall emotional wellness and nervous system health Lions Mane, American Ginseng & AshwagandhaThe Lionsmane has great potential...


Concentrated Nettle, Jiaogulan withHibiscus, Rosehips, Blue berry, Cranberry fruit teaLemon JuiceAgavex2 as sweet as Elixir1000mg of herbs per ozThe Ambrosia is as sweet as...
from $80.00

Astragalus Tonic

This cherished root extract helps improve the well being of all major organ systems in Chinese medicine and is known to help with the...

Chaga Tonic

Chaga is a wonderful detox mushroom that is a great choice to counteract environmental pollution. Chaga is a tonic and promotes immune, glandular and organ health. Additionally,...

Custom Blend Elixir

Lets Build your own custom blend Elixir with the herbs that fit you best! PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE PURCHASE TO ENSURE YOUR PERSONALIZED COMBINATION.We...

ELIXIR Low Sugar

We are proud to announce our new MOVERs Elixir blend!Same powerful liquid multivitamin, fruit juice & herbal beverage with half the sugar content (from...
from $99.99

Fatigue fighter Immune blend

This limited time blend is made to improve energy levels and the immune system with antiviral and immune boosting herbs. COVID-19 does not have...
from $99.99

Gojiberry Elixir – (Blood Pressure/Gut Health Support)

This Elixir is a concentrated artisan health juice made to be taken as a shot! It is made with adaptogen herb extracts and juices....

Gojiberry Extract

Highly concentrated liquid tincture dual extract with a very small amount of alcohol. This is an artisan small batched Gojiberry extract that uses Where's...
from $26.99

Herbal Entrepreneur pack

$495 Business Start up25% off all items Access to wholesale ratesAccess to MOVERs Education: Practical Herbalism course4 week program 1 hour virtual class weekly....

Lady Blend Elixir – (Fibroids, PCOS, Heavy Menstrual And More)

The Lady blend is made specifically to improve the health of female reproductive organs and hormone producing glands. May help improve issues associated with:endometriosis,...

MOVERs Exclusive Club Member

This Membership comes with a MOVERs Education herbal training sessions on the adaptogen herbs inside the tonic sample box and how they will work...

Sample tonic box

We select the most effective, powerful, and safest tonics for our catalog. We put knowledge and know-how to work like nobody else does. We have thick,...

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