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We had a vision of bridging the gap between the herbal supplement and juice industries. We have created a line of unique liquid herb supplements that are easy to ingest, very enjoyable, potent and extremely efficient absorbing into the body. We are in service to our communities in all 50 states!
Danny Parrott aka The people's herbalist; is the founder of MOVERs Elixirs LLC. To date, he has worked with hundreds of people across the US creating herbal supplements, juices & teas. He has made a mission to teach holistic wellness, provide the tools for self-healing along with tips and habits to help individuals overcome imbalances and dysfunctions of all types.
His formal education is from Rutgers University with a degree in social psychology. He is a brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc and has always been a renown and talented drink maker.
The journey into herbalism happened years after college with the loss of 2 of his best friend’s fathers from cancer. He became fanatical about finding natural and safe ways to combat the progression of the disease and the associated side effects of conventional treatments. The desire to find an answer to ease suffering and improve people’s quality of life pushed him into years of self-teaching, listening to personal testimonies, seminars, online courses, certifications and learning directly from established and experienced herbalists. He dedicated all of his free time to concocting herbal combinations and replicating published research trials to see for himself if the herbs do what the literature shows.
Our mission:
Improve the health of our population with holistic health beverages men woman & children can enjoy daily
The Goal:
Empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to make more informed decisions on their health

Core Values
1) Safety, honesty & efficacy above all else
2) Each client is unique and deserves a unique product & experience
3) We support wellness of the mind, body and spirit

1) Holistic health seminars
2) Custom Elixirs blends
3) Stress management protocols


When it comes to wellness, we abide by

Beach’s 5 key concepts of healing

  • All techniques should be carefully examined, and only those that prove empirically effective should be employed.
  • All medicines should be tested in a clinical setting for efficacy.
  • Any technique that proves to endanger life should be rejected.
  • Medicine should come from plants, not from minerals.
  • Medicine should always work with nature, never against it; it should take advantage of the body’s natural healing abilities.

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